Custom Decoy Bags

David Clark

David Clark has been in the marine canvas business for more than 35 years and has been making canvas decoy bags since 1979. David also builds duck boats and has carved many award winning decoys in the past. "The Estuary" David's improved design of the classic Barnegat Bay Sneak Box is becoming a well known boat throughout the United States.

From Dave Himself: "I have duck hunted for over thirty years out of a BBSB (Barnegat Bay Sneak Box) in the New Jersey marshes. While living on Cape Cod I built my first BBSB bigger than the original design to handle the hard north wind blowing against a dropping 11 foot tide. To date, there are more than 50 of my boats across the country from the New Jersey marshes to the Pacific West Coast. Back in 1976 I learned the marine canvas trade. I fully rig my boats with custom spray shields, blinds, dodgers and covers. Each boat is built to meet the specific needs of my customers. What started as a hobby has evolved into my living, my passion, along with carving cedar working rigs of decoys. Most important to me is to help keep the tradition alive by hunting out of a more than century old style boat and using traditional working decoys."